Lumafusion Classic Lower Thirds

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Are you a Lumafusion user, then you know that Lumafusion does not have many choices when it comes to lower 3rds. In this classic lower 3rds you will get 10 custom graphics that you will not find any where on the internet.

I will throw in 10 Bonus lower 3rds animation presets so you can start to play with the new lower 3rds. Check out the video below for all the demonstrations of the Lower Thirds with Animation so you know what you are going to get from the TimelapseNuts.

Show Reel of Pack in Action:

Happy Editing!

Installing Instructions (Please Read Before Installing)

1) Download From Link provided by Gumroad

2) No need to unzip

3) Locate Your Downloaded Folders “TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds” in Download

4) There are 3 folders to Download a)TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds b)TLN Lumafusion Motion Presets c)TLN PNG Lower Thirds of the graphics so you use it in other video editing softwares

5) Only need to install a)TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds and b)TLN Lumafusion Motion Presets

6) Copy all 10 “TLN Classic Lower Thirds)

7) Open File App

8) Go to my iPad

9) Select Lumafusion (Be careful as you might corrupt Lumafusion)

10) Select Preset

11) Paste to Tittles (IMPORTANT STEP)

12) Open Tittles Folder to check if the file “.tittledata” is in there

13) Open Lumafusion (May Need To Restart IPad)

14) Insert any Tittle

15) Double Tap Tittle

16) User Preset (On top of page) should now be installed otherwise restart Lumafusion and or iPad

17) Voila Let’s Play


19) Follow Steps 5 To 10

20) Paste to “Motions” folder (Important step)

21) Double Check To see if you’re pasted the right file “.motionpreset”

22) It is now in your User Preset in the “Frame and Fit” Tab

23) Select the Star tap on top corner

24) Voila 5 Seconds Motion Animation in 24fps. Let’s Play

Could not follow simple written instructions? Don’t worry watch the video, where I share how I will install it. Thank God for that.

Link to video here

Terms of Service

All cares are considered when making the installing instructions, the user by downloading and installing the provided digital products have understood the risks. The user will NOT make any legal proceeding against the provider (TimelapseNuts) and associates in relation to the use of the products. Use the products and/or service at your own risk.

Usage Rights

The user can use the products for commercials and personal usage. The user cannot however resell the graphics and motion presets without written consent from the creator. If you like to promote the products, there is an affiliate program so it is a win/win for everyone.

I want this!

10 custom lower 3rds and 10 free animation presets

10 Lumafusion Motion Presets
10 Lumafusion Ready Lower Thirds

Lumafusion Classic Lower Thirds

0 ratings
I want this!